Welcome to the blog of Know Bull! The founder of Australia’s national anti-bullying day.

When the Know Bull! website went ‘live’ almost 8  years ago…there really wasn’t much information about workplace bullying.  But despite this, Know Bull! saw workplace bullying as a serious workplace health and safety issue not only affecting staff…but also undermining the profits of companies and organisations. It had the hallmarks of one of those ‘issues’ that wasn’t going away in a hurry.

Before too long, we began collating and publishing facts and information, conducting polls and research, writing articles…and monitoring trends.

To increase awareness about the devastating impact of workplace bullying on ‘targets’ and the financial toll borne by organisations…we established a national workplace anti-bullying day in 2008, that takes place annually on 3rd June.

And to assist business in eradicating bullying in the workplace we added a Corporate Services section that includes various tools to raise awareness in the workplace; keynote speech, seminar and workshop services; and the design and implementation of anti-bullying workplace policy, strategies, and remedies.

The purpose of this blog is multi-faceted. It’s about sharing of thoughts and ideas, upcoming events like  ‘Know Bull! Day’ – or whatever else lends itself to a blog post.



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