Year 8 boy ‘bullied to death’ – Petition for Change


There’s a petition on asking the Queensland, and Federal Governments of Australia to enact ‘bullying laws’ to protect children.

The petition starts with the following….“My son was bullied to death. It’s time for national anti-bullying laws.”

Josh was only in Year 8 at school.  He withstood many months of taunting by a group of boys until he couldn’t take it any more…and he took his own life.

While we have workplace anti-bullying legislation…there is nothing in Australia to protect our children.

Parents of ‘schoolyard bullies’ need to step up to the plate and take some responsibility for their offspring. And schools need to shoulder greater responsibility when they’re made aware of bullying behaviours among children. Putting bullying in the ‘too hard’ basket…and then ignoring its occurrence is not acceptable.

Far too many of our children and young adults are taking their lives over something that is preventable…given the right tools.

We need to get serious about this. No child, anywhere, should feel they have no option left but to take their own life.


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